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Grr I feel like all I've been doing lately is having bad days. I really hope I get out of this bad day thing b/c it's really startin to get to me. I seriously cry like more than once a day now. I hate it. Lately I haven't been up to much, really just getting back into the school thing. I have new classes, I guess I like them all. I'm taking film, I'm really excited about that class b/c it's with a good teacher and you watch movies, whats not to like? Yesturday we had our Christmas mass at school and I wore the sweater J's rents got me for xmas. I love it alot, except whenever i put my arms down on my lap to rest them or n e thing it got blue fuzz on my black pants so that was no fun gettin my fur remover out like every class hehe. Oh well though. I'm going to try and have a good day today. Going to buy a new Dooney and Bourke purse, I love the It collection. They are so hot. But I do have chorus today and I don't know if I like that. It's really hard for me tog et those type of things b/c you really don't know if you're breathing or singing like he wants b/c you're with the group. But next week we have to sing ALONE(omg...yikes) to him so he knows if you're an alto or w/e. I'm sooo scared. He said if we are really scared we can talk to him and work something out so I think I'm going to do that b/c I'm seriously frightened. Plus, we have to sing him the Star Spangled Banner and I know it's horrible of me but I honestly don't know every word by heart. Hopefull it'll get better today. I have to go get ready for school. <3<3
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